For the Greater Good

As the weeks and months pass, we should remind ourselves as a church family of the on going importance of what traditionally has been called our mission. We change the specific goal of what we do for the greater good. Several thousand dollars will be given to these causes for the Greater Good. None of this could happen without the generosity of our church members and friends. Thanks once again is expressed.

Change For Change
We have a office water cooler bottle for collecting weekly change of visitors. Annually we count it up and pay for a need that no one else will fund that will help a local family meet their need in a dignified, and kind way.
Community Memory Tree
Each year as the holidays approach we think of the many loved ones that have helped shape our lives and the lives our community. We honor those people publicly through $5 a bulb named sponsorships. The remembered person and the donor are recognized in a booklet and tree lighting ceremony for the whole Christmas and New Year Holiday Season. These funds are used to defray the utility costs of this program and to ensure the heating of this building that it can be a resource for the St Johnsbury Center Community.
St Johnsbury Warming Shelter
We collect items to help people who have overnight indoor shelter but may need a hat, gloves/mittens, a scarf, or socks. Would you believe that many people have to go without socks because they have simply worn out within their boots or shoes? We find children and families can often donate a pair of socks as a beginning point to learn about missions that empower givers to make the world of another person better even if they are young, older, or very low income.